NGO Statement on Iraq

ahead of the July meeting of the members of the global coalition to counter ISIL

As the members of the global coalition to counter ISIL meet in Washington D.C. this week, 28 non-governmental organizations working in Iraq highlight the ongoing protection and assistance needs for civilians affected by the conflict and call for prioritized investment in inclusive recovery and resilience efforts. read more...

بیان المنظمات غیر الحكومیة حول العراق قبل اجتماع تموز لأعضاء التحالف العالمي لمواجھة داعش

في الوقت الذي یجتمع فیه أعضاء التحالف العالمي لمواجھة داعش في العاصمة واشنطن ھذا الأسبوع، فإن المنظمات غیر الحكومیة التي تعمل على تقدیم المساعدة والحمایة للمدنیین

المتضررین من النزاع في العراق تتشاطر الشواغل والتوصیات التالیة... اقرأ المزيد

بەیاننامەى رێكخراوە ناحكومیەكان پێش كۆبونەوەى ئەندامانى ھاوپەیمانى نێودەوڵەتى بۆ رووبەروبونەوەى داعش لە مانگى تەمووز

لەم ھەفتەیەدا ئەندامانى ھاوپەیمانى جیھانى بۆ رووبەروبونەوەى داعش لە پایتەختى ئەمریكا لە واشنتۆن كۆدەبنەوە، چەند رێكخراوێكى ناحكومى كە كار بۆ دابینكردنى كۆمەك و پاراستنى ھاوڵاتیانى مەدەنى كە بەھۆى شەر لە عیراقەوە زیانمەندبوون ئەم پێشنیار و نیگەرانیانەى خۆیان دەخەنە روو... زۆرتر



Grants Proposals and Trainings

Bids & Tenders

INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC. (Country Office Info) BID NOTICE The International Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC) is a private international, nonsectarian, voluntary organization providing relief, protection and reset...

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Mission East would like to publish the attached tender pack in your respected website, for the duration of 8 days starting from today August 16, 2017 ending on August 23, 2017 no later than 5:00PM. The subject of the con...

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 Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Iraq Office invites bids from competent Construction Companies/Contractors in Iraq for the following works: "120 Durable integrated Shelter WASH upgrades in Domiz camp for Refugees i...

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The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has received a grant from various donors for the implementation of the humanitarian aid operation. Part of this operation is the necessary service of Hotel accommodation for our employees...

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Request for Proposal For PROVISION OF AIR TICKETING SERVICES- NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS DANISH REFUGEE COUNCIL IRAQ   Request for Proposal (RFP) 08017EBL17  Name of the Organization  Danish Refuge...

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Cordaid Iraq is opening a Medical Devices Tender. Please look into the BOQ, and last deadline for submitting is on 31-08-2017. For more information please send email to

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