NCCI is a leading coordination actor in Iraq, helping NGOs connect with each other, various government entities, UN stakeholders and others. NCCI has four main modalities of supporting coordination groups:

  1. NCCI hosts and leads some groups under the mandate of the NCCI Executive Board.

  2. NCCI establishes a group and helps NGOs elect leadership. Those elected NGO chairs/leads manage the group and lead the activities. NCCI may provide information management or other support as needed.

  3. Other agency (i.e. UN) owns and leads the group. NCCI facilitates the NGO election of NGO members to join the group in accordance with that group's criteria.

  4. NCCI is not a member of some groups, but is asked to engage the Iraq NGO community on occasion for that group. For example, NCCI sometimes shares invites, circulates surveys, organizes meetings... as requested by those groups.

Below is a list of the current groups which NCCI is working with or is in discussions to start working with; this information is indicative but not exact. It is updated regularly but the actual participation may vary from this chart.



Election / Selection?

Meetings / Activity

Communication medium

NCCI Led Groups


NCCI Executive Board

NCCI Member CDs, 6+ 1 Nominated

General Assembly every 12 months

 1 per month

Skype group with strict limit of one person per org at a time. Mailing list.

AWG- Advocacy Working Group

2 Co-chairs (NRC + vacant) + Advocacy Coordinator.

Every six months.

At least 1 meeting per month. Ad-hoc where necessary.

Active Skype group, and mailing list.

NERF- NGO Early Recovery Forum

 2 Co-Chairs (Mercy Corps and Public Aid Organisation) + Advocacy Coordinator

Every six months

1 meeting per month or ad-hoc as required.

Skype group being established. Mailing list operational.

HR/Admin Working Group

 NCCI Human Resources Officer + NCCI Admin Assistant


 1 meeting per month with alternating venue i.e. Baghdad and Erbil.

 Skype group operational. Mailing list.

Country Directors' Group

 NCCI Member CD's (Deputies/designated focal point in CD absence)


1 meeting per month. Special ad-hoc meetings as required.

Skype group with strict limit of one person per org at a time. Mailing list.

UN / External Groups


Humanitarian Country Team (HCT)

NCCI + Six seats for NGOs. Potentially additional observer seat.

Country Director/HoM representation, but designated deputy/focal point allocated.

1 year with a six-month review.

Every second week in Baghdad, and Erbil.


HCT NGO Preparatory meeting ahead of every HCT meeting.

Skype group for HCT NGO Reps, and a mailing list.

Iraq Humanitarian Pooled Fund (IHPF) Advisory Board

Two INGO seats and two NNGO seats, plus an additional observer seat.

 1 year

Approximately 4-6, 2 hour meetings per year.

 Mailing list

Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Network – coming soon

Two NNGOs and two INGOs, NGO participation not yet active as of Sept 2018

 1 Year TBC



RRP – coming soon

 TBC, NGO participation not yet active as of Sept 2018