02 Jun 2015

NCCI Discusses Coordination in Baghdad and Erbil

NCCI organizes monthly general coordination meetings in its offices in Baghdad and Erbil. At these meetings NGOs and other relevant actors involved in the humanitarian response in Iraq convene to share information, coordinate their operations and develop common action points on issues pertaining to the current emergency.

On 27th of May a general coordination meeting, attended by 22 local and international NGOs, was held at NCCI’s office in Erbil. The meeting started with a presentation on the inter-agency-IDP call center, which will function as a communication channel between IDPs and humanitarian actors. This call-center will allow IDPs to issue complaints and ask questions about the available humanitarian services. The center will start its operations in Erbil and Kerbala, and will then gradually expand into all governorates in Iraq. Following this presentation, participants discussed the upcoming launch of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and the follow up of the Operational Peer Review (OPR). Finally NGOs agreed that there is a need for more coordination on contingency planning, and it was agreed that NCCI will organize an additional meeting to discuss this further.

Thirteen local and international NGOs convened at NCCI’s office in Baghdad on 28th May. Participants discussed the operational coordination systems in Baghdad and information sharing in central and southern Iraq, and more specifically the inclusion of local NGOs in these activities. Furthermore the need to improve the current contingency planning was discussed, and the attendants talked about the need to create a better coordination channel with the Iraqi government.

Please visit the calendar on the members' section of the NCCI website to access NCCI’s minutes of these meetings.
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