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16 Jun 2015

First Phase of Capacity Building in Cooperation with UNICEF

  • Tuesday, 16 June 2015
In partnership with UNICEF, NCCI is running a pilot project to build the capacities of ten NNGOs operating in the governorates of Baghdad and Anbar.  The project aims to enhance the capacities of these NNGOs in the fields of coordination, information sharing, WASH, child protection and education. The NNGOs will also receive training to improve their technical abilities to act as active focal points for UNICEF. NCCI already delivered a training workshop in May, which concluded with a six weeks work plan for these NNGOs.

During the first two weeks of the project implementation these NNGOs were able to successfully run rapid needs assessments, covering more than 13,500 displaced families in camp and non-camp settings in both Anbar and Baghdad, including hard-to-access areas.

NCCI organized the first general coordination meeting of this project on the 11th of June 2015 at NCCI’s office in Baghdad. The meeting was attended by representatives of UNICEF and the ten implementing NNGO partners. The team compared the achieved activities with the work plan, and agreed on future steps. The NNGOs also shared the obstacles and challenges they have faced in the field and suggested solutions.

The work plan includes one more general coordination meeting and four sub-cluster coordination meetings (two in Baghdad and two in Anbar), as well as  performing daily activities such as rapid assessments in new locations, and the updating of information from previous assessments.
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