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11 Aug 2015

Coordination Meetings in Baghdad and Erbil

  • Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) organizes monthly general coordination meetings in its offices in Baghdad and Erbil. These meetings aim to reinforce cooperation and information sharing between NGOs and other humanitarian actors in the country.

On the 3rd of August 13 local and international NGOs convened in NCC’s Baghdad office, discussing the latest developments in visa legislation and visa related problems. Then a local NGO briefed the attendants on the problems faced by returnees in Diyala, which include limited public services like water and electricity, destroyed houses, a lack of cash and food and ongoing clashes. Another local NGO gave an update on the situation in southern Iraq, a region which receives less international attention but is nonetheless facing many problems. Many IDPs in the south reside in mosques or tents on the road and lack basic services, while environmental hazards like desertification and salinization threaten the entire region. The meeting concluded with a presentation on the latest developments in the displacement crisis in Anbar.

In Erbil 16 NGOs and representatives from OCHA attended the general coordination meeting held on the 4th of August. The meeting started with a presentation from OCHA on the long-awaited return of national level UN coordination structures to Baghdad. The attending NGOs leveled their concerns on this relocation, and the potential challenges it might present for operational coordination at least in the short term. NCCI then proceeded to provide updates to members on funding issues including the current status of IHPF, the $200 million US from Kuwait and future potential contributions. The next subject was the possible extension of the L3 status of the Iraq crisis and NGO input to the forthcoming HCT proposal on the subject.

As always NCCI’s members can access the minutes of these and other meetings in the members’ area of NCCI’s website.

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