24 Aug 2015

Improving Coordination with the KRG

Coordinating NGO operations is the core mission of the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI). This mission includes coordination between NGOs and other humanitarian actors such as UN agencies and donors, but also encompasses liaising between NGOs and government. To ensure an effective humanitarian response, coordination and cooperation between NGOs and the government is crucial, but in crisis situations such as now this cooperation is often hindered by rapidly changing circumstances and communication gaps.

During the past two weeks NCCI supported the Directorate of NGOs (DNGO), the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) and the Ministry of Interior of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in their attempts to increase communication between NGOs and the regional government in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. On the 13th of August NCCI and a group of NGOs met the Minister of the Interior, the heads of the DFR and DNGO and other KRG representatives. On the 18th of August a broader meeting with participants from numerous NGOs including NCCI was held at the Erbil Rotana hotel, attended by the heads of the DNGO, DFR and the JCC. A final meeting between the DNGO and INGO representatives took place on the 20th. At all meetings, NGOs and government representatives discussed subjects related to humanitarian operations in Iraqi Kurdistan, focusing in particular on visa and residence issues for NGO staff, the registration procedure for NGOs and operational coordination between the government and NGOs.

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