21 Sep 2015

Introducing the HRP to Local NGOs

In early September the timeline for the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2016 was presented by the Humanitarian Coordinator. The HRP is a strategic plan that will guide the humanitarian response in Iraq for the year of 2016 and also acts as a tool to mobilize resources and funding for humanitarian operations in the country. The first phase of the HRP is the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), which is being executed through the cluster system and will be finished by the end of September. The HNO aims to assess the expected needs for the coming year to inform the drafting of the HRP, which will start in early October with defining the strategic guidelines and cluster strategies. Throughout October NGOs and UN agencies will then develop their projects based on these cluster strategies, finally uploading them into the Online Project System (OPS) by the end of that month. The HRP will then be reviewed and presented to the federal and the regional authorities. The launch of the HRP is planned for late November or early December.

NCCI is supporting the launch of the 2016 HRP by hosting information workshops for local NGOs on the HRP. These meetings are organized in cooperation with OCHA and aim to strengthen the participation of local organizations in the HRP by increasing their knowledge on both the process and the importance of the HRP. A first meeting was held on 16 September at NCCI’s Erbil office, while a second one will be held at NCCI’s office in Baghdad on 22 September.

For your information the presentation on the HRP from the meeting on 16 September together with a contact list of the cluster coordinators can be found below.

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