23 Dec 2015

NCCI Concludes 2015 and Welcomes 2016

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) would like to wish its member NGOs and other humanitarian partners a merry Christmas and a happy 2016.

2015 has been an intense and fruitful year for NCCI.  First of all NCCI closed its office in Amman (Jordan) in July 2015, at the same time strengthening the office in Erbil. The enhanced capacity of the Erbil office allowed NCCI to expand its operations throughout the Kurdistan region of Iraq, delivering effective support to humanitarian cooperation and responding to members’ needs in the region. NCCI’s Baghdad office expanded its role as a coordination platform for NGOs in central and southern Iraq, often forming a crucial link between NGOs and the UN in Baghdad. NCCI also continued its capacity building efforts for local NGOs and launched an interactive NGO map. Furthermore throughout 2015 NCCI supported the UN and the cluster system in the entire country, hosting cluster meetings and facilitating the participation of NGOs in the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan. In conclusion NCCI stepped up its efforts in all of Iraq, meeting the challenge posed by an expanding and rapidly changing humanitarian crisis.

NCCI is happy to conclude 2015 with 102 international and national members and 6 observers, and is looking forward to continue working with all of you in 2016.

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