08 Mar 2016

Updates from NCCI’s HR/Admin Working Group

The HR/Admin working group is one of NCCI’s thematic working groups and convenes monthly to discuss current issues and best practices in the fields of finance, HR and administration. Following requests from its members NCCI can also reach out to relevant external actors or government officials to clarify issues that cannot be solved by the group’s regular attendees.

The most recent meeting of the HR/Admin group took place on Wednesday 24 February 2016 at NCCI’s Erbil office, and was attended by staff members from 31 local and international member NGOs as well as a representative of the Kurdistan Relief Association (KRA), a local NGO operating in Kirkuk.

 The meeting started with a discussion on a number of current HR/Admin related issues, including the new Iraqi labor law, residency guidelines for the KRI and income tax.  Then NCCI presented the test version of its new job portal, which allows member NGOs to publish and manage their own job vacancies, which are also fully searchable on job type, location and other categories.

Responding to frequent questions about NGO operations in Kirkuk NCCI had invited a representative from KRA to the meeting, who presented an overview of NGO registration, tax payment and the general legal framework in the governorate. The meeting concluded with a question and answer session about operations in Kirkuk.

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