02 Aug 2016

NCCI Organizes the Election for NGOs Representatives for the Humanitarian Country Team

In August 2016 new NGO representatives for the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) will be elected. As the prime NGO coordination body in Iraq, NCCI is tasked with organizing the elections on behalf of the NGO community in Iraq.

The HCT is the strategic decision making body overseeing the humanitarian response in Iraq. Representatives from UN agencies, the ICRC, the donor community and the NGOs operating in Iraq take part in the HCT, which is chaired by the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC). The NGO representatives on the HCT do not only represent themselves at this forum, but are also tasked with voicing concerns of the wider NGO community in country. It is therefore important for all NGOs in Iraq that strong candidates are elected for the HCT.

To ensure that the NGOs on the HCT are good and capable representatives of the wider NGO community, NCCI’s members elect the NGOs from among themselves. The elected NGO representatives will then serve for a one year term.

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