11 Sep 2019

NCCI is Pleased to Welcome Six New NGOs as NCCI Members

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) is pleased to welcome the following NGOs as NCCI members:

  1. Al-Zahaa Association for Environmental Development - National NGO

  2. Tazeez for Sustainable Development Foundation - National NGO

  3. Viyan organization for Medical Relief and Development - National NGO

  4. Cesvi, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation - International NGO
  5. Internews Network - International NGO

  6. Lutheran World Relief (LWR) - International NGO

We are particularly excited about the number of Iraqi NGOs becoming NCCI members. Between 2014-2018 national NGO membership to NCCI has more than doubled. National partners play a significant role on the front lines by providing services, reconciling communities, and protecting the most vulnerable. NCCI looks forward to working with our members in responding to the humanitarian situation in Iraq, and in 2018 we aim to dedicate more resources to investing in our national NGO members.

NCCI is a forum of over 180 organizations working to provide aid and support for civilians affected by the conflict in Iraq. Our main aim is to work towards an enabling environment for NGOs to operate, and advocate for the rights and needs of people in Iraq. We are a comprehensive coordination forum facilitating communication, and information sharing amongst NGOs, and the wider humanitarian community, performing advocacy and lobbying, inside and outside of Iraq, and providing various support services to our member NGOs.

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