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29 Apr 2014

NCCI Publishes a Joint NGO Statement on Unmet Humanitarian Needs of Anbar IDPs

Responding to a request from member NGOs, the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI), authored a ‘Joint NGO Statement on Unmet Humanitarian Needs of Anbar IDPs’. The statement, which was published on April 28th, urges the international community to provide greater attention to the worst humanitarian situation faced in Iraq since 2006. It was signed by a group of NCCI’s members and sheds renewed light on the increasingly challenging situation for aid agencies, who are trying to attend to the urgent needs of Iraq’s IDPs.

While the conflict in Anbar persists, the needs of the more than 425,000 IDPs in and outside of the governorate continue to increase. The vital humanitarian work that NGOs are providing is highly constrained by the difficult conditions that humanitarian workers face when trying to gain access to some of the most vulnerable populations, in addition to the constraints in available resources and funding. Given the sizeable security and financial constraints facing humanitarian efforts, it is surprising that more international attention thus has not been directed towards the unmet needs of those affected by the current situation in Anbar. Without real, effective, and timely international support for solutions to stop the conflict, and without increased funding for humanitarian aid, our member NGOs’ activities will not be sustainable.
Signatories to the Statement: Danish Refugee Council, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Muslim Aid, Mercy Corps, NCCI, Norwegian Refugee Council, Relief International, Save the Children, War Child UK

The Statement can be found attached or through the following link: http://reliefweb.int/report/iraq/joint-ngo-statement-unmet-humanitarian-needs-anbar-idps-28th-april-2014

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