10 Nov 2014

NCCI Concludes the First Phase of the 2014 Strategic Review Process: the Strategic Review Survey

In response to key points raised at the NCCI General Assembly meeting in March 2014 it was decided to review NCCI’s strategic approach together with its members. As part of this plan, member organizations were asked to fill in a survey to identify strongpoints and possible shortcomings in NCCI’s current strategy and role.

The goal of this survey was the development of a detailed observation of NCCI’s current position within its mandate as a national forum in Iraq for NGO coordination, joint advocacy and information sharing. The identification of both strengths and weaknesses of NCCI’s current approach, combined with expected upcoming issues inside Iraq will be used to assess and plan NCCI’s future strategic role.

The 20-questions survey, of which the results are presented in the attached report, formed the first part of the two-staged strategic review plan. The results of the survey will serve as a basis for discussions during the second phase of the strategic review plan: the strategic review workshop that will take place on November 17thof the entire strategic review process should directly shape NCCI’s strategic planning for the coming three years (2015 - 2016 - 2017).
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