30 Nov 2014

UNESCO and NCCI Continue to Cooperate to Develop Education Staff Capacities.

NCCI has worked with UNESCO, the National Executive Body for Literacy and the Non-formal Education Department in Kurdistan on developing the legal and technical frameworks to enable the education authorities to engage in efficient partnerships with NNGOs for the implementation of the Literacy and Non-Formal Education Campaign in Iraq. This cooperation is a part of the “Coordinating national NGO Participation in the Implementation of the Literacy and Non-Formal Education Campaign in Iraq” project, which itself forms part of the LIFE project implemented by UNESCO.

NCCI, in collaboration with UNESCO, conducted the second capacity building workshop in Erbil between 22-24 November 2014 to develop the capacities of NNGOs and education staff from the provinces of Baghdad, Babil, and Diyala to enable successful partnership between the education authorities and NNGOs in implementing the national literacy campaign.

10 NNGOs staff members and 10 education departments’ employees were trained on the legal and technical frameworks of the “Working Document”, community mobilization, monitoring and evaluation, and the management of community learning centers.

Next week, UNESCO and NCCI will conduct the third workshop to build the capacities of 18 NNGOs and 8 education staff members from the south of the country.
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