Iraqi Members Profiles

Iraq has a large number of capable and active Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). NCCI has worked with many of the most active organizations to collect information in a useful and standardized format. All information contained here is self-reported by the respective NGO, and the accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the respective NGO. For more information about each NGO, please use the contact information provided in each NGO profile.

This information will be updated annually, and Iraqi NGOs who have NCCI membership are welcome to provide a profile for submission. For more information about NCCI, or about how to add your organization's profile to this booklet, contact: .

Created in June 2019 by the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq, NCCI.

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Afkar Society For Development_En.pdf
The society had been established in 2004   by a volunteers group in Anbar /Qaim ,since the first project had implemented by volunteers , it was supporting 200 orphans ..
Al Eslah Association For Social Development_En.pdf
Al-Eslah was founded in 2005 in response to the societal dangers that spread after 2003, especially the negative phenomena that spread among the youth. We believe in the principle ..
Established on November 1, 2003 to sponsor orphans, widows and young people, and to instill values and principles in society within the framework of solidarity.
Al Ethar was founded in June 2005 due to the community's needs to help vulnerable people by providing the necessary needs to preserve their lives and conditions, especially widows ..
Al Mesalla ORG. estabilished in September 2006 in the NGO directorate in Baghdad for human resource development without discrimination between civil society individuals, cometment to the humantarian work principles, ..
Al-Rakeezeh Foundation_En.pdf
Al-Rakeezeh Foundation for Relief and Development established in 2015 in order to help the needy people who need urgent relief help due to the conflics with ISIS when the ..
Al-Zuhoor Women Organization_En.pdf
In the context of the evolution of the human rights situation in general and the rights of women in particular in Iraq in recent years, the Women's Flower Organization ..
Ayadi Alsalam for Relief and Development
The organization was established on 10/04/2018 in the Kurdistan Region and on 05/12/2018 in Baghdad to help Iraqi society and to help the needy and vulnerable Iraqis and refugees ..
Bothoor ALkhaer organization  for Relief and Development_En.pdf
Bothoor Al Khair Relief and Development: An independent Iraqi civil society organization, a non-profit humanitarian organization founded in early 2004 to provide relief to people affected by war.
Civil Development Organization_En.pdf
Civil Development Organization "CDO" is a non-governmental; national, humanitarian, independent and non-profit organization. CDO founded in 1999 and got registration from KRG NGOs Directorate and Federal Government at Baghdad. ..
Was established in 2014, when Iraq was suffering from many issues; especially after what happened in Sinjar.  CNSF provides Shelter, Wash, Livelihood, Cash, and Distribution.
Dijlat AlKhair Orginization_En.pdf
The Association was founded in January 2005. The idea of establishing the association came because of the needs of the society to help after the emergence of cases of ..
Doctors Aid for Medical Activities_En.pdf
Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA) is a non-profit, non-governmental local Iraqi organization founded in Iraq in 13 Jan 2016, based on serving, supporting, and motivating the surrounding community and ..
The foundation is one of the Non-Governmental , nonpolitical and non-profit organization, established in May 2003 and volunteered in Humanitarian Relief field and implemented developmental programs and worked to ..
Hala Center For Development,Training,Consultation_En.pdf
The center was established on 7th Dec 2016 and registered by the NGO department; due to the urgent needs for all Societ denomination in order to develop their expertise ..
Harikar has been established on May 30, 2004 by a group of activists for the purpose of developing civil society through establishing an open space for the vulnurable groups ..
Judy Organization_En.pdf
Judy is an independence and non-profit organization, has established in 2012 and working in the field of humanitarian relief and development of refugees and IDPs in KR-I.Judy supports and ..
Khairat Al-Nahraeeen of Human Organization
The organization was established on October 2010 ,10 by the founders because of the community's needs to help vulnerable people by providing relief needs, development, training and the necessary ..
Kurdistan Human Rights Watch_En.pdf
KHRW was established in 1989, registered as an NGO in Iraq in 1996. our vision is to serve as a beacon of light for those Iraqis who were denied ..
Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society_En.pdf
KURDS NGO is established in 1991 as an Iraqi NGO with Kurdistan Region Government (KRG), aim to operate and work for the public interest on the basis of transparency, ..
Kurdistan Relief Association_En.pdf
Kurdistan Relief Association Established in 1988 by activism group that seek for help the needy and relief affected peoples during crisis and conflicts, KRA was First organization established in ..
Mercy Hands_En.pdf
Established in October 2004 and received the official registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Planning on the date of October 26th, 2004. Mercy Hands was established to response ..
National Institute for Human Rights_En.pdf
The Organization was founded in 2005 by a group of activists who are interested in establishing the basic principles of human rights, democracy, citizenship, and peace building and targeting ..
REACH was founded in 1995 in Suleimaniyah to provide humanitarian aid to IDPs, refugees and vulnerable host communities, by assisting and supporting efforts to make a difference in the ..
Sahara Economic Development Organization (SEDO)_En.pdf
Sahara Economic Development Organization (SEDO) was founded in 2007 in Tikrit city/Iraq by a group of civic activists and academics in order to meet the needs of civil society, ..
Sorouh was established in th 7th of december 2009 and registered as an NGO under the number 1E74034 It gives a special consideration for capacity building development and the ..
SSORD was established in 6-10-2013 due to the needs appeared at that time of the most vulnerable people especially women, elderly, children and youth.
Taha for Allah Beloved Charitable Foundation_En.pdf
Founded in 11\6\2018 due to the suffering of our community from wars especially women and children, the foundation is implementing charity activities in the fields of relief and human rights.
TAJDID Iraq Foundation for Economic Development_En.pdf
TAJDID Iraq is a non‐profit,non‐governmental organization founded in 2008 and registered in the NGOs office in Baghdad.TAJDID does its best to provide services in both development and humanitarian sectors ..
The Engineering Association for Development & Environment-EADE_En.pdf
The Engineering Association for development & Environment (EADE) was established in Nineveh in 1/10/2012 to support and participate in the development of the civil community and local social economic, ..
The Justice Center_En.pdf
Justice Center has established in April of 2013, however, its social activities of meeting the society legal need, giving the needed support and advocating for marginalized social categories were ..
The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development_En.pdf
UIMS established on 21/5/2003, due to the situations that Iraq has witnessed, the organization provided a lot of humanitarian assistance and contributed in supporting health institutions with basic needs, ..