Conditions for Membership and Application Procedure

Updated on Mar 03rd, 2019.

Membership Criteria

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq is open to active local and international NGOs operating in Iraq who fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Are legally registered in Iraq and/or the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (proof of a valid registration is required).

  2. Their NGO charter complies with the principles stated in the NCCI Articles of Association, including the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief.

  3. Demonstrate proven humanitarian activity to the NCCI and the Executive Board.

  4. Are sponsored by two current members of NCCI.

  5. Are approved by two thirds of the Executive Board.

Application Procedure

NGOs applying for NCCI Membership should submit the following documents to :

  1. The filled in and signed membership application form.

  2. Annual activity report.

  3. Receipt Voucher for NGO Annual Financial Report, which confirms that your financial report has been filed and accepted by the Department of NGOs (click here for the sample of the Receipt Voucher)

  4. Two sponsor letters from current NCCI members, stating these members acknowledge the applying organization is an active and effective NGO and recommend it for NCCI membership.

  5. Proof of registration

The application form can be downloaded here. If you are not able to download the file using Google Chrome browser, please use another browser such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc...

NCCI’s Membership Fee

NCCI’s members are obliged to pay a monthly membership fee. The NCCI membership fees are as following:

  • International NGOs: USD 125.00/ Month

  • National NGOs: USD 50.00/ Month

All members are invited to pay their subscription six months in advance.

Code of Conduct and Duties of Members

Duties of Members

NCCI's Code of Conduct

The members of NCCI reaffirm their commitment to the Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief and agree to abide by the ethical and professional standards set by these Codes, including the NCCI Code of Conduct. A copy of Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief can be viewed here (English) or here (Arabic).

NCCI’s members are bound by the following principles:

  • The humanitarian imperative comes first free from religious and political agenda and economic gain.
  • Our activities will be free from exploitation and abuse of our positions and the resources at our disposal and for the sole benefit of vulnerable population.
  • We seek at all times to involve program beneficiaries in planning, implementation and monitoring of our humanitarian activities.
  • We hold ourselves accountable in the provision of assistance to our beneficiaries.
  • While recognizing the high-risk environment in which NGOs are currently operating in Iraq, NGOs carrying weapons risk placing the beneficiary population and their staff at unnecessary danger. Carrying weapons also sends a confused perception of our behavior and violates the basic humanitarian principles, which are providing assistance and not hurting people.
  • No armed belligerents in NGOs premises and vehicles.
  • No armed escorts in the provision of humanitarian assistance.

Membership Ceases When:

  • When a member organization ceases to operate in Iraq;
  • By written resignation notified to the Executive Board at least two months in advance;
  • For non-payment of the membership fees for more than six months;
  • By exclusion ordered by the Executive Board, for just cause here defined as a serious breach to the NCCI Articles of Association, with a right of appeal to the General Assembly. In such cases, the member shall be invited for an explanation with the Executive Board prior to the definitive removal following a report by the conduct review body set up by the board. The exclusion should be voted by 2/3 of the Executive Board. If non-compliance is brought to the attention of the Executive Board, a Conduct Review Body, which investigates the non-compliance, shall be set up to investigate and make recommendations to the General Assembly. The Conduct Review Body shall be composed of two nominated Executive Board members and three General Assembly members randomly selected. Appeals must be lodged within 30 days of the Committee’s decision being notified;

In all cases the membership fees for the current half-year remains due. Members who have resigned or who are excluded have no rights to any part of the Association’s assets.

Services for Members

Participation in NCCI Meetings and Events

  • Participation in coordination meetings (Country Director level, Head of Field Office level)
  • Participation in thematic working groups (HR/ Admin, Media/ Communication, Advocacy, Access Working Group)
  • Attending donor meetings facilitated by NCCI
  • Attending any other ad hoc meetings organized by NCCI
  • Access to minutes from all NCCI meetings

Administrative Support

  • Participation in NCCI’s HR/Admin Working Group
  • Access to the HR/Admin Skype Group
  • Access to the useful services folder
  • NCCI can provide contact information as requested

Access to NCCI’s Website

Access to NCCI’s Mailing Lists

  • Minutes and other documents from the Humanitarian Country Team meetings
  • Useful information from UN agencies, the Iraqi government, donors and other relevant actors
  • Invitations to relevant events inside and outside Iraq