Conditions for Partners and Application Procedure 


Last updated 1 June 2021 

 Partner Criteria 

 Full Partners 

 The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq is open to active local and international NGOs operating in Iraq who fulfill the following criteria: 

            a. Be a national or international NGO operating in Iraq, committed to the purposes of NCCI. 

            b.Be independent, non-governmental organization subscribing to the humanitarian principles –humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence – and conducting activities from emergency relief to development. 

            c.Fulfil the following criteria to become a partner: 

1.Be legally registered in its country of origin and in Iraq if not Iraqi (proof of registration is required for both INGOs and NNGOs); 

2.Submit filled in and signed Partner application form; 

3.Possess a minimum of two (2) years of humanitarian or development experience in Iraq or elsewhere; 

             d.Have a charter complying with the principles stated in the NCCI Articles of Association; 

Application Procedure 

NGOs applying to become NCCI Full Partners should submit the following documents to : 

  1. The filled in and signed Partner application form. 
  2. Proof of registration. 

The application form can be downloaded here: 

International NGOs:  

National NGOs:  

If you are not able to download the file using Google Chrome browser, please use another browser such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc... 

Code of Conduct and Duties of Partners 

Duties of Partners 

  • Accept and comply with the principles stated in the NCCI Articles of Association. 
  • Actively participate in relevant coordination meetings and other fora such as the General Meeting and working groups. 
  • Share information with NCCI and other NGOs as requested: this includes contact information and activities in Iraq. 
  • Continue to implement programs inside Iraq. 

NCCI's Code of Conduct 

The Partners of NCCI reaffirm their commitment to the Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief and agree to abide by the ethical and professional standards set by these Codes. A copy of Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief can be viewed in English or in Arabic. 

NCCI’s Partners are bound by the following principles: 

  • The humanitarian imperative comes first free from religious and political agenda and economic gain. 
  • Our activities will be free from exploitation and abuse of our positions and the resources at our disposal and for the sole benefit of vulnerable population. 
  • We seek at all times to involve program beneficiaries in planning, implementation and monitoring of our humanitarian activities. 
  • We hold ourselves accountable in the provision of assistance to our beneficiaries.
  • While recognizing the high-risk environment in which NGOs are currently operating in Iraq, NGOs carrying weapons risk placing the beneficiary population and their staff at unnecessary danger. Carrying weapons also sends a confused perception of our behavior and violates the basic humanitarian principles, which are providing assistance and not hurting people. 
  • No armed belligerents in NGOs premises and vehicles. 
  • No armed escorts in the provision of humanitarian assistance. 

Services for Partners 

Participation in NCCI Meetings and Events 

  • Participation in coordination meetings (Country Director level, Head of Field Office level) 
  • Participation in thematic working groups and trainings  
  • Attending donor meetings facilitated by NCCI 
  • Attending any other ad hoc meetings organized by NCCI 
  • Access to minutes from all NCCI meetings 

Administrative Support 

  • Participation in NCCI’s HR/Admin Working Group 
  • Access to the HR/Admin Skype Group 
  • Access to the useful services folder 
  • NCCI can provide contact information as requested 

Access to NCCI’s Website 

  • Publication of vacancies on NCCI’s job portal 
  • Publication of bids and tenders on NCCI’s website 
  • Publication of activity updates and other publication on NCCI’s website 
  • Publication of project proposals or calls for partners 

to NCCI’s Mailing Lists 

  • Minutes and other documents from the Humanitarian Country Team meetings 
  • Useful information from UN agencies, the Iraqi government, donors and other relevant actors 
  • Invitations to relevant events inside and outside Iraq