28 Apr 2015

OXFAM - Supporting IDPs in Diyala

Over the past two weeks, Oxfam Iraq provided unconditional cash transfers to over 3300 conflict-affected households in 25 villages around Qara Tapa town in northern Diyala and delivered hygiene kits to nearly 2500 IDPs families. We are currently finalising the construction of more than 200 latrines benefitting host and IDPs populations alike. Specifically, Oxfam assisted 121 returnee households in Hosseini, a newly-accessible town north of Jalawla that until recently stood on the front line of the conflict. Oxfam continues to support communities in parts of Diyala through WASH hardware activities with municipalities water authorities (e.g. repair of pumps and motors) and public health promotion bringing together IDPs and host communities.

In addition, Oxfam partnered with Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) to pilot the Cohort Livelihoods and Risk Analysis (CLARA) tool to analyse GBV risks associated with livelihoods as well as potential risks arising from programs in response to crises across 5 villages in northern Diyala, surveying 102 IDPs, 61 returnees and 45 host community members. The tool revealed risks associated with various livelihood activities, economic coping strategies and impact of the crisis on household assets to ultimately introduce community-based strategies and solutions to identified risks. Oxfam presented key findings from the CLARA in relevant UN cluster meetings in Erbil and Suleymaniah and aims to incorporate proposed household solutions in future livelihood programming.
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