28 Apr 2015

Haraa Humanitarian Organization - Field Visit to the Families Supported by the Marla Project in Baquba

As part of its field activities the Haraa humanitarian organization has organized a visit to the IDP camp of Moaskar Saad - Diyala province on 21 April 2015. The governor's adviser on organizations (Trmah Abdullah Saleh) also took part in the visit. After meeting the displaced families and talking with them we identified the following problems the displaced families are suffering from:-

  • The number of displaced families from Jalawla and Saadia in the camp of Moaskar Saad is 310 , which is approximatley 1800 people.
  • The displaced families are suffering from a lack of drinking water due to insufficient drinking water supplies. There are two water tanks each with a capacity of 22,000 thousand liters.
  • The families suffer from the clogged sewage networks.
  • The displaced families are suffering from a lack of humanitarian aid. The  last distribution of aid in the MNoaskar Saad camp was organized in December by IOM. The displaced families did not get anything of donations, and only received help from the people which is not sufficient.
  • The health side of the Moaskar Saad camp is good .
  • Displaced families are now in urgent need of food and coolers because of the hot weather.

  • Haraa Humanitarian organization made a field visit to the families supported by the Marla project (the Marla program supports civilians affected by terrorism and military operations ). The visit took place in Buhriz in the district of Baquba, and Haraa, accompanied by a Mercy Corps employee, met people related to the victims.  The aim of the visit was to learn about the cases and to complete the required document for the implementation of small projects for these families, as well as taking pictures and registering the location their residence.
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