01 Sep 2015

Asuda - Supporting IDPs and Refugees

Asuda, as one of the non-governmental organization provides support and protection to victims of gender-based violence. Also, it provides specific services, such as providing cash assistance to Yazidi women and girls, medical case referral, finding job opportunities for refugees, IDPs and host communities, offering language courses, such as English and Kurdish for refugees, IDPs and host communities. To a sense, it provides family counseling session for them. There are some other services to assist and support women including sewing and knitting courses. Apart from these services, Asuda provides social, psychological and legal support and assistance.

Asuda is conducting Kurdish (Sorani) courses for Syrian teachers in Bainjan. Constantly, assisting women and girls refugees, IDPs and host communities through providing sewing and knitting courses. As Asuda provides social, psychological and legal support in both center Bazyan and Sulemaniyah, Asuda reached out for 94 cases, 20 were from refugees, 34 were from IDPs and 40 were from host communities. Along with these in the light of medical referral, Asuda referred 17 patients from refugees and IDPs to main public hospitals, such as Shar and Shorsh. Asuda is trying its best to find jobs opportunities to the most vulnerable refugees and IDPs by visiting hotels, restaurants, salons, companies and so on, since August, Asuda has employed 9 from refugees and IDPs and those who in need. Beside that roughly 14 Yezidi girls and women benefited from cash assistance.

Asuda conducted a training session under the name of the Minority Women Rights in Iraq, which was continued for three days. The main focus was on view of representatives of many political figures of Iraq about women rights and the rights of minority in Iraq, refugee rights and child protection. Also, it was presented by Dr.Rebwar Karim, manager of the project called (Monitoring women’s rights in Iraq) with coordination with Minority Rights Group International and European Union.

Asuda also conducted training for the staff under the name of Digital Home Security for the aim of protecting data and how to keep the privacy of the all cases.

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