08 Sep 2015

Asuda - Improving the Living Conditions of Refugees and IDPs Women and Girls

In the light of Asuda’s activities, continuously Asuda is providing services to the survivors of gender-based violence. In a sense, Asuda’s centers in Bazyan and Sulemaniyah provide protection services through social workers, psychologists and lawyers to the survivors of GBV. To some extent, Asuda is trying its best to reach out for the most vulnerable people who are in need.

Since job consultation is conducted, large numbers of refugees and IDPs get employed. Along with finding job opportunities Asuda is providing employment skills support, which help women and men to assimilate into the host communities and in order to increase their chances of finding employment.

Apart from these services, Asuda continues its English language course for refugees and IDP girls and conducting Kurdish language course (Sorani) for Syrian teachers in Bainjan.

In addition to that, Asuda is in the process of carrying out an assessment in order to address a top priority problem from the perspective of refugees and IDPs population, and to identify the needs of most vulnerable people.

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