27 Sep 2015

Asuda - Asuda’s Continuous Support for Refugees and IDPs

22 Sep 2015/ Refugee crises, Iraq, Syria.

Asuda, as a non-governmental organization and as a member of GBV cluster continually provide social, psychological and legal support for Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs as well as host communities. Along with those services, Asuda provides medical referral for the most vulnerable refugees and IDPs and for the SGBV cases. Asuda have conducted community meeting in Bazyan area on the needs of refugees and IDPs. As a result, some issues were highlighted including rent rising and it makes hard for them to pay for, though they have no choices. One of the women said that ‘Our main problem is paying rent, and we have a very low income’. Throughout the meeting, the majority of the women were kept talking about rent and they cannot pay for it. At some stances, water and electricity bills were considered as their main challenges that they are facing constantly. Dramatically, it has affected them and worsened their life. In a sense, they have difficulty to deal with their life on daily bases. The following are the basic needs, as they pointed out, such as cash assistance, milk and diapers, paying rent, water and electricity bills. They have difficulty to pay for it.

Asuda also is providing cash assistance for Yazidi girls and women in Duhok and Sulemaniyah Governorate, and support the survivors to rebuild their life and goes back to their normal life.

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