06 Oct 2015

Asuda - Conducting an Assessment on Refugees/IDPs' Needs

On 1st of October 2015, Asuda have started to conduct an assessment on the needs of refugees and IDPs in Sulemaniyah and Bazyan. The aim of doing this assessment is to identify refugees/IDPs priority problems and to eliminate violence against women and for the aim of women/girls refugees and IDPs protection. In terms of collecting data Asuda have selected a method to gather new information, such as Focus Group Discussion.   

In order to determine the most vulnerable individuals, some criteria need to be prepared for the beneficiaries of the project. There are many refugees and IDPs living in Sulaimani & Baziyan and their outskirts. Data regarding their numbers and residency have been collected from both Baziyan Police Station and Migration Office in Sulaimani with the help of Mukhtars (Head of neighborhood committee) when they have listed name and location of every refugee and IDPs’ families in each neighborhood.

Along with conducting an assessment, Asuda is visiting refugees and IDPs women and families regularly. They are reporting a wide variety of issues that women/girls refugees and IDPs are facing, so far. To some stances, protection is the priority needs of women/girls refugees and IDPs in Sulimaniyah Governorate.

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