17 Nov 2015

Asuda - An Assessment on the Challenges of Female IDPs and Syrian Refugees

Asuda has Conducted an Assessment on Women/Girls IDPs and Syrian Refugees Challenges

Source: Asuda for Combating Violence against Women   

The recent Iraqi internal displacement crisis resulted from the emergence of terrorist group of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Due to the insecurity and instability concern of Iraq about 2.5 million are fled from their home. They are struggling every day to meet their basic needs and access to fundamental services. High rates of unemployment and medical care are reported as their main issues. They are in dire need of employment and medical care to some degree. Despite of the economic crisis Kurdistan Region hosts large majority of IDPs and Syrian refugees, which are in dire, need of assistance and support particularly women and girls. Majority has difficulty to deal with displacement and due to safety issue won’t be able to go back to home.

Asuda have conducted an assessment on IDP and Syrian refugees women/girls situation in non-camp areas, and to identify the challenges and problems that women face, when they move around in this community. Focused Group Discussion has selected as a mechanism to conduct the assessment in some specific area, such as Kani Speka, Baenjan, Bazyan, Setak, Peramagrun in Sulimaniyah Governorate. Thus, to discover what concern women/girls mostly in this community, on safety and security, women have concern to go out because they are afraid of being assaulted and abused.

In a nutshell, Asuda found out that security and safety is the prime need of women/girls. Apart from the protection needs, the following were counted as their priority needs, such as dignity kits, food items, employment, and language and so on. Most importantly, coming from a different culture and background also created problems for them the way they intergrade with host communities. It led to distress and dramatic attitudes.   

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