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24 Nov 2015

NRC - GBV, Education and Emergency Response Updates

  • Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gender Based Violence prevention and response (GBV):

-          NRC's Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response programme conducted a Basic Concepts training in Harshm camp about topics such as power, gender vs. sex and different types of violence.



In Dohuk

-          NRC provided 11 tented classes for formal school students in Bajed Kandala and Qadia camp.

-          In NRC's education centers in Bajed Kandala camp,  the Italian organization UPP conducted an awareness activity for internally displaced persons.

-          The NRC Education team in Dohuk took NRC support center students to a ' Clown Activity' conducted by UNICEF in Qadia camp.

In Erbil

-          NRC is currently in the process of establishing a Parent Teacher Association in Erbil.

-          Supervisors are set and started work in three refugee camps in Erbil with the support of NRC.


Emergency Response:

-          NRC continues to respond to the cholera outbreak and last week NRC's emergency response teams distributed 200 anti-cholera kits, 200 dignity kits and 30 baby kits in Abu Ghraib. In addition, the teams conducted hygiene awareness session with focus on cholera awareness in Baghdad.

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