30 Nov 2015

Asuda - Asuda’s Contribution to 16 Days of Activism GBV Campaign

On 25th of November 2015 which marks the 24th year of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, Asuda presented a report titled 'Media Cruelty and Women'. The report was prepared jointly by Asuda and Metro Centre for journalist rights and advocacy. The report was highlighted the status of women and the media coverage of women issues.

It is crystal clear that women/ girls in this region when they move around, they face challenges considerably even in terms of media coverage. Hence, Asuda for combating violence against women launched this press conference in order to perceive it. During the conference, Khanim Rahim Latif , Director of Asuda claimed that 'Our purpose is to keep fighting violence against women, in which, the kind of violence that are facing our women, is the cruelty of media, and the low status of women which has been covered by mass media, and also to highlight the root causes of patriarchy and false depiction of femininity" also Rahim stated that "The main point here is to perceive Media for their work and for the way they cover women status and their issues, but rather Media itself.”


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