08 Dec 2015

NRC - ICLA, Emergency Aid, Education and Shelter Activities

Information, counseling and legal assistance (ICLA):

-       NRC delivered a Collaborative Dispute Resolution Training in Erbil from Oct 5-8 for Protection & Shelter actors to strengthen their skills in resolving Housing, Land and Property disputes.

-        NRC also delivered Civil Documentation Registration Training in Suleymania in November.

-       NRC, in coordination with UNHCR, responded to mass eviction cases in Dalal City, Zakho District in Dohuk involving 659 IDP families (3879 individuals), mainly Yezidis, residing in private unfinished apartments. Following eviction monitoring, 210 families were relocated to Mam Rasha Camp on 28 October. Another mass eviction case arose in Dohuk involving 52 IDP families (328 individuals), mixed Yezidis and Arabs, living in Zoran City in tents and plastic structures. NRC and UNHCR explored the possibility of relocation of affected families to Mamelyan Camp. However, IDP families have thus far refused to relocate to this camp, and prefer to move to a camp in Dohuk City. In Erbil and Baghdad, NRC continues to respond to individual eviction cases through informal dispute resolution (i.e. facilitated negotiation) between building owners and IDP tenants, assistance with establishing lease agreements, and referral to cash assistance partners to delay evictions for the most vulnerable households until alternative Shelter arrangements have been secured.

Emergency Response:

-       NRC was able to reach the newly displaced families from Heet, Anna, Qaim and Ramadi in in Amiriyat Al-Falluja and Bizebiz Bridge. Hygiene kits and food parcels were distributed to 126 IDP families.



-          A Hygiene campaign conducted by NRC and students was rolled out to sanitize the NRC School Support Center in Qadia camp. In addition, NRC provided awareness of Cholera and scabies and the way to prevent them in Qadia and Bajed Kandala camps. Finally, NRC conducted a first aid awareness training for children in Qadia camp.

-          NRC continued their regular visits to some tents to follow up and provide the importance of learning and education to people of the camp in Qadia camp.

-          School Support Center team in Qadia held a meeting to discuss issue such as the importance of following up the students’ attendance and referring health cases in Qadia camp.

-          Sport activities ( soccer and volleyball) were conducted in Bajed Kandala for both boys and girls. In addition a puppet show was held for children.

-          In collaboration with UPP, Early marriage awareness sessions was facilitated for 25 girls in NRC's School Support Center in Bajed Kandala

-          One English lecture was given by NRC activity leader to students of KURDS local organization students.


-          In Harshm camp, NRC visited 93 tents to follow up student’s absentness from school and to check out diseases. NRC continues to support formal schools with the attendance and absence record.

-          NRC's substitute teachers gave 10 classes in formal school in Harsham camp. A survey was done to identify the school age children and to help the formal schools head teachers in the students’ registration process.

-          20 catch up classes were given to formal school students by NRC teachers in NRC's school support center in Harshm camp

-          In Dara Shukran, Qushtapa, and Kawarqosk camps supervisors are set and started working.



-       1000 IDP families living in abandoned and/or unfinished buildings or informal settlements in Zakho and Semel district received the option to stay 9 month rent free in return of the upgrades. 421 home owners benefited from the intervention.

-       165 IDP families have received shelter upgrades in Shikhan district and the upgrade work for 445 families is ongoing in Kalakchi and Qasrok sub districts of Shikhan.

-       Assessments are ongoing in Zumar district for unconditional cash grant to target 610 returnees.

-       Assessments are ongoing for 700 winterization kits distribution in Shikhan district.

-       77 refugee families received one room shelters in Domiz camp, 90 units are ongoing and to be completed by the end of December 2015.

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