10 Jan 2016

NRC - Education Activities in Dohuk and Erbil



-          Together with internally displaced Iraqi school students in Qadia camp, NRC's Education team conducted a hygiene campaign to sanitize the NRC School Support Center in the camp.

-          NRC continues to follow up on students’ absence from school in Qadia camp. Last week 61 tents in the camp were visited in an attempt to communicate the importance of learning to children and youth in school age.

-          NRC supported the schools in Bajed Kandala and Qadia camps for internally displaced during their end of year exams.

-          NRC continues to support catch up classes such as math, chemistry and science to students in Qadia and Bajed Kandala camp. To use creative methods of teaching, puppet shows and funny stories games were played for children in Qadia camp.

-          Further, NRC teachers were trained on how to create child friendly schools and methods of teaching by supervisors from the Department of Education in Duhok.


-          Also in Harshm camp for internally displaced persons in Erbil, NRC continues to follow up on students absence from school. 38 cases of children in school age without attendance to school were identified.  10 of these cases revolved around lack of access to school due to disabilities. In these cases, NRC distributed stationary to the children.

-          NRC continues to provide catch up classes in Harshm camp covering all subjects to students from all grades. In addition, NRC's substitute teachers thought 14 formal classes to 100 students in the formal school.

-          Along with Arabic Academy for Human Rights, a class-after-school activity (Gallery art Show) was conducted. Internally displaced children participated in the show with their paintings.

-          In Khabat camp for internally displaced persons and in Dara Shukran, Qushtapa, and Kawarqosk camps for Syrian refugees, NRC distributed thousands of stationary items such as pencils, notebooks, staplers, paper and markers to students and teachers in the camp school.

-         NRC's substituting teachers are working full time in Dara Shukran, Qushtapa, and Kawarqosk camps for Syrian refugees in order to support school staff during the end of years exams.

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