12 Jan 2016

NRC - ICLA and Education Projects



-          NRC continues to conduct hygiene campaigns together with students in Qadia and Bajet Kandala camps in order to promote hygiene routines and sanitize NRC's School support centre.   

-          Catch-up classes in math, chemistry, and English were given to in total 140 students, in addition NRC continued the follow-up on students absence in Qadia camp. Further, NRC visited 95 tent to inform and promote the importance of education to families with children who are absent from school.  

-          Activities such as puppet shows and funny stories, soccer matches, skipping and hula hula sessions are set up by NRC for children in Bajet Kandala and Qadia camps in Dohuk in order to activate children.  

-          NRC continues to support the formal school in Bajed Kandala camp with exams and distributes school equipment such as notebooks, pens and erasers to the formal school.

-          An illiteracy eradication lecture was given by NRC to in total 65 persons in the age 15 – 3- years old in Qadia and Bajet Kandala camps.


-          In Harshm camp for internally displaced persons in Erbil, NRC visited households in order to identify school aged children that are not attending school. 67 cases were identified and will be followed up.

-          NRC provided catch-up classes to 158 students from all grades, covering all subjects. In addition, NRC's substitute teachers taught 9 classes to 100 male students in a formal High school in Erbil.

-          In Khabat camp for internally displaced persons, NRC distributed education kits containing copybooks, markers and pencils  for 4 formal schools.

-          In Dara Shukran, Kawergosk and Qushtapa camps for Syrian refugees, NRC is providing full time substitute teachers and supporting school staff during exams.

Information, counseling and legal assistance (ICLA):

-       NRC is delivering displaced women's housing, land and property rights training for humanitarian Protection & Shelter actors in Baghdad, Erbil and Dohuk.

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