09 Feb 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update

Assisting newly displaced families from Anbar

NRC is present in Amiriyat Al-Falluja, Al-Salam Camp and Bezibiz Bridge assisting newly displaced families from Ramadi and other areas of Anbar with food parcels, water and hygiene kits in addition to winterization kits containing blankets, mattresses, kitchen kits, hygiene kits, kerosene space heaters and floor mats.

NRC is also present in Habaniya Tourist Cit and Al-Qasr camp responding to the expansion due to the arrival of newly displaced IDPs from Ramadi. Currently, NRC is installing water storage tanks and doing water trucking.

Cash and shelter assistance in Baghdad

In the Abu Greib and Al-Rasheed districts of Baghdad, NRC works on rehabilitating unfinished buildings resided by IDPs. In addition, NRC continues to distribute sealing off kits (containing plastic sheeting’s, wood and tools to seal off shelter from weather conditions)  for the IDP that are residing in sub-standard shelters such as unfinished buildings and collective centres.
NRC continues to provide cash assistance and last week conducted a multi-cash distribution to 167 extremely vulnerable individuals in Baghdad.

Water, sanitation and hygiene activities

NRC is currently in the process of conducting house to house visits in order to conduct a Knowledge Attitude Practice survey (KAP). This survey will set the base-line for hygiene behaviour change activities.  
After several meeting and overview sessions, three WASH committees have been formed in Bajed Kandala camp 1 refugee camp. Communal area volunteers elected three team leaders for the committees.

Through a community based activity, a technical team managed to repair 10 prefab shower units and install 21 hand-washing units. This activity mobilized the local community and at the same time met all the maintenance requirements for the showers and hand-washing units.

NRC supports formal education in Erbil and Dohuk

In Harshm, Shekhan, Bajed Kandala, and Qadia camps for IDPs in Dohuk, NRC continues to hosts sport activities for displaced children and youth such as skipping, hula hoop, volleyball matches and recreational activities like drawing sessions.


NRC supports the formal schools in Harshm, Shekhan, Bajed Kandala camps and Qadia camp with mid-year examinations, English language lessons and other classes such as physics, English and Arabic language, math, social studies, and science. Further, NRC distributed stationary and books to the students in both the non-formal and formal schools in the camps. In Khabat camp for IDPs, NRC distributed NFI kits containing data shows, printers, speakers and library books in addition to providing psycho social training for the teachers in the camp school

NRC continues with its outreach and awareness raising work in order to communicate the message of importance of education, track the number of students in formal schools, and to invite children to recreational activities performed in NRC’s school support centres.

Information, counselling and legal assistance (ICLA)

ICLA information and counselling staff implemented five group information sessions, two sessions in Shekhan centre, two in Kabarto camp, one in Bajed kandala and two in Shaklawa. The group information sessions focused on housing, land and property and Registration and Civil Documentation key messages for the purpose of raising awareness on rights and procedures. Through the trainings, NRC reached out to 197 individuals last week.

Further, NRC introduced its ICLA assistance to the camp management in Bajed Kandala and Kabarto camps in Dohuk where a significant number of the IDPs in the camps are in need of civil documentations. The first group information session were conducted in coordination with Harikar Women Social Services Centre which provides legal services to camp residents. The participants of the group information sessions appreciated the Registration documentation and Civil information given to them as almost all of the IDPs have lost at least one of their civil documents. In Duhok, NRC continues to coordinate with local and international organizations as well as local authorities to provide the best quality of services.

In order to reach out to displaced populations in hard to reach areas, NRC performs awareness raising over radio broadcasting on Radio Al-Salam.  Last week’s topic was displaced women housing, land and property rights.

Gender-based violence prevention and response (GBV)

NRC continues to focus on awareness raising and last week a training on GBV basic concepts was facilitated to staff members of Qandil Swedish humanitarian aid organisation.

In partnership with the Women’s Foundation for Women’s Issues, NRC launched an advocacy campaign in Kawergosk and Darashakran Refugee Camps in Erbil last week. The campaign focuses on the role of women in rebuilding Syria under the slogan: “Hand in hand, we can build the future”. Events are planned in Basirma and Qushtapa Camps in the following week.

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