16 Feb 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 16 February 2016

Reaching out to the most vulnerable newly displaced families

In Amiriyat Al-Falluja camps and at the Bezibiz bridge, NRC last week distributed food parcels, water and hygiene kits supplemented by winterization kits containing blanket, mattresses, kitchen kits, kerosene space heaters and floor mats to 1273 newly displaced families from areas east of Ramadi as well as families from Heet, Rawa, Anna, Qaim, Rutba and Mosul. NRC’s also distributed sealing off kits to families residing in sub-standard shelters such as unfinished buildings and collective centres in the Aby Ghreib district last week.

In Habaniya Tourist City, Al-Qasr Camp and Al-Salam Camp, NRC continue to perform water trucking in order to meet the needs of the newly arrived families from Ramadi and surrounding areas.

In order to better meet the individual needs of displaced persons, NRC performs cash assistance and last week 23 families received one-off emergency cash while 275 families received multi-cash assistance in Baghdad.

Information sessions and trainings

In Basirma camp for Syrian refugees, NRC trained staff members from partner organisations such as Intersos, WRO, PwJ and Masalla camp on GBV basic concepts including topics such as power, gender and protection.
As part of NRC’s Information, counselling and legal assistance program, two group information sessions were performed in Khabat camp for internally displaced persons. The aim of the sessions is to increase displaced families knowledge on their legal rights.

In Dohuk, NRC held 3 group information sessions to different internally displaced populations (Christians, Yezidis and Muslims). The sessions focused mainly on Housing, Land and Property issues and Registration and Civil Documentation key messages for the purpose of raising awareness on rights and procedures. During the information sessions, NRC identified issuing civil documentation such as passports and Iraqi nationality certificates as the biggest needs among the participants. In order to reach out to more displaced populations with information on their rights, NRC is in the process of finalising scripts for a radio show where the information will be broadcasted widely in the next few days.

Recreational activities to children and youth

NRC continues to offer recreational activities to children and youth in displacement and last week conducted sports activities such as Skipping, Hula hoop, volleyball and soccer matches as well as music and art sessions in camps in Dohuk and Erbil. Further, NRC gives catch-up classes in a variety of fields such as physics, illiteracy eradication, mathematics, Arabic and English languages, social studies, science and chemistry to students in IDP and Syrian refugee camps in Dohuk and Erbil.

In addition to the above, NRC visited different households last week to deliver “the importance of learning” message, and to enrol children without access to formal education, in NRC’s non-formal classes.

Newly established Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Committee starts assisting in Dohuk

In order to provide water and proper hygiene and sanitation facilities to the displaced population living in Bajed Kandala camp for internally displaced persons in Dohuk, NRC continues to perform water quality monitoring. The newly established WASH committee has started their work of collecting and examining samples of the HH level.

The committee in cooperation with NRC staff also repaired water taps and hand washing facilities in Bajed Kandala camp. Further, 17 prefab latrines and 21 prefab showers was fully repaired last week.

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