29 Mar 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 29 March 2016

Assisting newly displaced families from Heet District

Since the military operations started in and around Heet District, Anbar governorate, NRC’s teams have been present in Kilo 18 camp and Al-Wafaa camp, distributing ready-to-eat food, safe drinking water and hygiene kits through the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), which is managed by UNICEF and WFP. During the reporting period, NRC’s teams distributed over 2,000 RRM and Immediate Response Ration (IRR) kits and water at Kilo 18 camp. In addition, NRC teams distributed over 2,000 RRM and IRR boxes and water, as well as hygiene kits in Al Wafaa camp. NRC also distributed a 1,000 RRM kits to displaced people in Abu Jeer, an area close to Al-Wafaa camp.

With the support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), NRC has also started trucking water to people in Kilo 18 camp on Monday, 14 March 2016 to ensure that they have access to safe drinking water and water for domestic purposes.

NRC is currently only providing emergency lifesaving immediate support (including water and food) to newly displaced families as serious protection concerns remain around the location of the camps (close to the frontline, in unsafe locations, and difficult to access).
RRM and IRR kits for displaced people in Makhmour

Following displacement from several villages around Makhmour, NRC responded through the RRM mechanism with ready-made food to some 500 families. NRC continues to respond to the ongoing displacement in the area.

Water and Sanitation in Dohuk

During the last week, NRC conducted maintenance and repair operations on latrines, washroom facilitates, communal tap stands, and holding tanks in Bajed Kandala 1&2 camps in Dohuk. NRC’s teams also held hygiene promotion sessions for some 66 students, focusing on hand washing and sanitation.

Information, counselling and legal assistance (ICLA)

NRC’s Information, counselling and legal assistance programme in Dohuk conducted six information sessions across different locations in Dohuk to provide residents in camps in and in urban areas with information about their housing, land, and property rights and registration and civil documentation. The total number of participants was 128 persons, which included 67 men and 61 women.


During the reporting period, NRC conducted several sports activities and recreational activities for displaced men, women, and children in Bajed Kandala and Qadia camps, combined with outreach visits to people to encourage students to attend school. Moreover, NRC conducted non-formal classes to 98 children, focussing on mathematics, reading English, and science, as well as catch-up mathematics, biology, social studies, and English classes to 392 female and 166 male 9th grade students. In Shekhan IDP Camp, NRC conducted catch-up mathematics, English and Arabic language, science classes, as well as sports and recreational activities for the residents of the camp.

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