12 Apr 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 12 April 2016

Reaching out with emergency aid to newly displaced families

NRC’s rapid response teams distributed emergency aid kits through the UNICEF and WFP led Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) at Kilo 18 to 660 families last week. The team is also present in Al-Wafaa camp and last week reached out to 1399 families with emergency aid kits. NRC is also present at the Bzebiz Bridge, Ramadi and Anbar camps and in Baghdad camp providing emergency lifesaving aid through the RRM. NRC also distributed hygiene, dignity and baby kits in the locations mentioned above and in Al-Radhwanya and Abu Ghreib, NRC conducted water trucking in order to assist newly displaced families with clean drinking water. Further, NRC distributed cash assistance in Baghdad to 187 households. Unconditional cash was also distributed in Erbil through NRC’s shelter program reaching out to 262 refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) families.

Handing over school support centres

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) successfully handed over its School Support Centres (SSC) for Syrian refugees in DaraShukran, Qushtapa, and Kawarqosk refugee camps to the Ministry of Education Kurdistan Region – Iraq (MoE KRI). MoE KRI will continue to use the SSCs in order to carry out educational activities for the refugee children and youth in the camps.    

In Khabat, Harshm, Shekhan, Qadia and Bajed Kandala camps for internally displaced persons in Erbil and Dohuk, NRC continue its education activities providing children and youth with recreational activities and non-formal and catch-up classes in mathematics, English and Arabic, Science and Physics. In addition, NRC’s teams continue to perform outreach work in order to advocate for the importance of education, following up on absent cases and in an attempt to enrol more children and youth to school.

Water, sanitation and hygiene activities

NRC continues to provide care and maintenance in addition to testing the water quality and providing hygiene promotion in Bajed Kandala camp for internally displaced. Last week NRC conducted six sessions of hygiene promotion in formal schools to over 200 students. The importance of hand washing and good hygiene practice were topics that were discussed. NRC also conducted sessions on the community level in Dohuk by raising awareness around the importance of clean drinking water.

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