26 Apr 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 26 April 2016

Assisting over 17,000 displaced individuals with emergency aid

In total, NRC’ in Baghdad reached 3,240 households last week alone, adding up to an estimated 17,820 internally displaced persons (IDP) with emergency aid, information, counseling and legal assistance (ICLA) and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) assistance. At the Bzibiz Bridge, Al-Wafaa camp, Kilo 18 and several camps in Amryiat Al Fallujah NRC distributed emergency aid such as water, food and hygiene kits to 1,112 newly displaced families. In North Iraq and the districts of Makhmour and Erbil, NRC reached out to 1244 IDPs with emergency aid such as water, food and hygiene- and baby kits.

Further, NRC continued to distribute emergency cash in areas in Baghdad, Al-Mansour, Karada and Al Rasheed reaching out to 180 IDP families during last week.

Providing clean drinking water

Last week, NRC conducted seven hygiene trainings reaching out to 56 IDP families in Al-Ghazalyia. NRC also continued performing water tests in Abu-Ghreib and Kilo 18 for newly displaced IDPs. In addition, water trucking was delivered in Kilo 18 reaching 1179 IDP households with clean drinking water. NRC also distributed waste bins and 200 hygiene kits in Abu-Ghreib reaching out to a total of 219 IDP families.

Supporting education internally displaced children and youth

In Harshm camps for IDPs and in Khabat last week, NRC continued its education activities providing children and youth with recreational activities within music, art and sports in addition to catch-up classes in Arabic, English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
In Khabat, NRC provided first aid trainings and exercises in how to deal with stress and anxiety by using the right breathing techniques.
In addition, NRC’s teams continue to perform outreach work in order to advocate for the importance of education, following up on absent cases and in an attempt to enrol more children and youth to school. Further, NRC conducted teacher trainings on positive disciplines.  

Information, counseling and legal assistance

NRC’s legal officers received 214 legal cases last week and managed to solve 194 with a positive result in Baghdad. In addition, six group information sessions were conducted to inform 179 IDP families residing in Al-Radhwanya and Abu-Ghreib on their rights. In the northern part of Iraq and the town of Shaqlawa and Zylan city, NRC also conducted information sessions. In total, NRC’s ICLA programs reached out to 382 IDP families in central and south of Iraq last week.

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