10 May 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Updates 10 May 2016

Providing lifesaving emergency aid to newly displaced families

NRC’s teams in Baghdad continued their efforts to provide emergency aid to newly displaced families from Anbar last week. The teams worked day and night for the full seven days to distribute emergency aid kits containing food parcels, water and hygiene kits.  As part of the UNICEF and WFP-led Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), which enables NRC to reach the most vulnerable and mobile populations in Anbar, last week NRC reached 1,056 families and this week 459 at the Bzebiz Bridge, Al Wafaa camp, Kilo 18 and in several camps in Amryiat Al-Fallujah. In addition, emergency cash was distributed to 200 families in Karada, Al Mansour and Al Rasheed.

Clean drinking water to over 1,000 families from Anbar

NRC continues to work to ensure that displaced families have a reduced risk of being exposed to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) related illnesses through improved access to potable drinking water, appropriate sanitation facilities and improved hygiene practices.

Last week, 1179 and this week 1200 newly displaced IDP families in Anbar benefitted from NRC’s water trucking providing clean drinking water in addition to water tests in Kilo 18.

Further, in Dohuk NRC provided water testing in addition to providing care and maintenance of garbage containers, showers and latrines. Promotion of good hygiene was conducted to IDP families and school children residing in Bajed Kandala 1 and 2 camps.  

Supporting quality education for displaced children and youth

In Bajed Kandala, Qadia, Shekhan, Harshm and Khabat camps for IDPs, NRC continued its education activities providing children and youth with recreational activities within music, art and sports in addition to providing catch-up classes in Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science, Chemistry and Physics.

NRC also provided psycho social trainings and exercises of stress and anxiety relief and breathing techniques for teachers in both IDP and refugee schools in Erbil and Dohuk.

In addition, NRC’s teams continue to perform outreach work in order to advocate for the importance of education, following up on absent cases and in an attempt to enrol more children and youth to school.  In total, NRC’s education teams reached over 3,600 children and youth this week.

Information, counseling and legal assistance

NRC’s ICLA activities in Iraq primarily focus on three thematic areas: Housing, Land and Property (HLP) rights; legal status including registration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) when access to rights and services is dependent on such registration; and legal identity including obtaining civil documentation necessary to access rights and services.

Last week, NRC’s legal officers received 140 legal cases whereas 130 cases were solved with a positive result for 140 IDP families in Baghdad. In addition, one group information session was conducted in Al Adhamiya to inform IDP families on their rights. In total, NRC’s legal teams managed to assist 167 IDP families on legal matters last week and 80 families this week.

In Dohuk and Erbil, HLP trainings were given in IDP communities to both IDP families and local authority employees. Further, information sessions were given to Yezidi families in Dohuk and to IDP families in Erbil with a focus on Registration and Civil Documentation (RCD) and their HLP rights.

Camp Coordination and Camp Management

NRC’s Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) teams installed electricity, taps and lights in Abu Ghreib, Ghazalya, Hay al Furat, Radwanya and in Amryiat Al-Fallujah last week. Fire extinguishers were also put in place for the families resign in these areas as well as trainings on how to use the extinguishers in case of an emergency. In total the CCCM teams reached 56 households this week.

Gender-Based Violence prevention and response

NRC launched an awareness campaign focusing on harassment against girls and women this week. An animated movie is showed followed by discussions with camp residents, camp management and participants from other organisations in the refugee camps of Kawergosk, Darashakran, Qushtapa and Basirma.


NRC facilitated a workshop for the Gender-Base Violence Prevention and Response sub cluster to come up with an advocacy strategy consisting of two key priorities for the sub clusters work in 2016 – 2017. Further, NRC facilitated two returns working group meetings where discussions on benchmarks and redlines for international humanitarian engagement on returns in Iraq took place.

Image gallery below: NRC is present in Anbar providing emergency aid to newly displaced families every week (Photos: NRC/Iraq, May 2016).

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