07 Jun 2016

NRC - Activity Updates 7 June 2016

Reaching over 80,000 individuals with emergency aid

Over the last week, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Baghdad managed to reach 82140 individuals through the following activities:   

NRC’s provided emergency aid to newly displaced families from Anbar, including families who have managed to escape the fighting in Fallujah and the villages surrounding Fallujah last week. As part of the UNICEF and WFP-led Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), NRC distributed 1500 RRM kits in addition to 1500 Immediate Response kits (IRR) containing food parcels.  510 baby kits with baby toothbrushes, diapers, toothpaste and toys were also distributed to 1360 families at the Bizebiz Bridge, Al Naser camp, Al Amel camp, Al Manshoud camp, Al Tahreer camp, Falluja camp, Al-Hajij camp, Sabaa Sanabul and the Al Iraq camp.

NRC also distributed 867 RRM kits and 1017 IRR kits to 1230 families in Kilo 18 camp and Al Wafaa camp in Ramadi last week. Further, 324 families received the RRM and IRR kits in Karma, with an additional 88 families in Abu Ghraib in Baghdad.

29 newly displaced families in Dibaga also received RRM kits containing hygiene kits, food parcels, and safe drinking water in addition to baby kits.

Providing safe drinking water

NRC continues to work to ensure that displaced families have a reduced risk of being exposed to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) related illnesses through improved access to potable drinking water, appropriate sanitation facilities and improved hygiene practices.

Last week, a total of 7,044 displaced families received safe drinking water through NRCs water trucking in Al Habanya, Amiriyat Al Fallujah and Ramadi.
Further, NRC distributed hygiene kits to 1,839 families in Abu Ghraib in Baghdad and in several camps in Amiriyat Al Fallujah. NRC is also using an animated promotion video to create awareness around good hygiene practice during training sessions.

Information, counseling and legal assistance

NRC’s ICLA activities in Iraq primarily focus on three thematic areas: Housing, Land and Property (HLP) rights; legal status including registration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) when access to rights and services is dependent on such registration; and legal identity including obtaining civil documentation necessary to access rights and services.

Last week, NRC’s housing, land and property officers visited IDPs residing in Al Radwaniya and Amiriyat Al Fallujah and signed 35 agreements for NRC assistance of shelter upgrade work.

NRC received 23 legal cases in Baghdad last week in addition to pending cases from previous weeks. Further, NRC conducted trainings on collaborative dispute resolutions to a group of displaced people and a group of government workers and specialists such as the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and the Ministry of Labor.

Shelter assistance

Last week, NRC distributed summer sealing off kits to 47 families in Al Ghazaliya and Abu Ghraib.

Supporting education in displacement

NRC provides recreational and education activities to internally displaced children and youth in Iraq. Music, art and sports in addition to catch-up classes in mathematics, Arabic, Chemistry and Physics were given last week. In addition, NRC’s teams continue to perform outreach work in order to advocate for the importance of education, following up on absent cases and in an attempt to enrol more children and youth to school.

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