30 Aug 2016

NRC - Kirkuk Activity Report

NRC in Kirkuk

NRCs activities in Kirkuk consist of mainly Shelter and WASH in non-camp settings; however this is likely to change with ongoing operations in Haweja and Mosul. For Shelter activities last week, NRC planned the distribution of 1,050 NFI’s for newly arriving Hawija IDP’s. The distribution has started and will take place on 28, 29 and 30 August.

NRC continues to participate in the coordination meetings with other organizations and the local government in Kirkuk. Area contingency plans for Kirkuk are now completed for Hawija and Mosul IDP’s. Security assessments are planned for next week as are Access planning. The need for substantial Shelter assistance continues.

Further, NRC’s WASH team continued the REMO (Remote Monitoring of humanitarian needs in inaccessible areas) assessment for Haweja which has been underway for the past four weeks inside and out of Nazrawa camp. Key Informant Interviews  with traders and CGDs were interviewed, all from Haweja. The information obtained is invaluable as we were able to interview new arrivals from Haweja (less than 24 hours) enabling us to paint a clear picture of the current situation and how it is likely to develop when the military operations escalate.

SDC Tender opening is planned for next week with a high amount of bids received. Once the bidding process is completed NRC expect construction to begin in early September. The WASH team will also support the pending distribution of NFI’s to be carried out by Shelter next week.

NRC is scaling up its response in Kirkuk and recruitment is a main task at present with 15 positions in M & E, GBV and ICLA all underway. This will take the NRC Kirkuk team from 37 to 52 in a short space of time.

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