06 Sep 2016

NRC - Activity Update 6 September 2016

Kirkuk: Hawija displacement

Currently NRC’s activities in Kirkuk consist of mainly Shelter and WASH in non-camp settings, however this is likely to change with on-going operations in Hawija and Mosul. Last week NRC distributed 1,050 non-food items (NFI) such as mattresses, jerry cans, kitchen supplies and blankets to displaced families from Hawija. The distribution took place on 28, 29 and 30 August.

NRC continues to participate in coordination with other organisations and the local government in Kirkuk in readiness for the Hawija response. Area contingency plans for Kirkuk are now completed for Hawija and Mosul IDP’s. 2 security assessments of checkpoints have been completed and Access assessments are to follow. The need for substantial Shelter assistance continues.

An SDC Tender analysis is now complete and construction will begin in the next two weeks. NRC’s WASH team is conducting normal activities, and last week supported the distribution of NFI’s.
Further, 6 new staff members for M & E, GBV and ICLA joined the team last week and NRC in Kirkuk continue to grow from 37 to 52 staff members.

Erbil: Emergency aid and cash assistance

Last week NRC distributed food parcels, hygiene kits, buckets, dignity kits and baby kits to 497 families in Debaga camp. The displaced families come from Qayara, Hawija, Qaraj, Bijil and Mosul. In addition, NRC distributed cash to 67 extremely vulnerable families as a second round payment in Qushtapa and Shady.

ICLA trainings:

The ICLA team conducted a Registration and Civil Documentation (RCD) training in Sulimaniyah for partners.  The objective of the RCD trainings was to provide the key concepts and legal background on legal identity, civil registration, civil documentation, identity and travel documentation to local authorities, NGO actors and IDP community leaders and to increase their knowledge on common obstacles faced by beneficiaries to access legal identity and the programmatic approaches to overcome them. In addition, the ICLA team conducted two one-day trainings in Erbil on Housing, Land and Property.

Further, trainings in Housing, Land and Property (HLP) were provided in Erbil. The purpose of the trainings was to identify sources of international and Iraqi laws related to HLP, describe ways of addressing HLP issues during and after displacement and gain familiarity with NRC’s methods and tools for addressing HLP in humanitarian Shelter & Protection programming.

Baghdad: emergency response and WASH

NRC distributed 100 IRR kits, hygiene kits, buckets, dignity kits, water packages (6 litres per kit) and baby kits to 90 IDP families in Baghdad last week. In addition, 24 IDPs received one-off emergency cash in the Bir Alraheem Mosque.

In the camps in Ameriyiat Al-Fallujah and Bizbiz, NRC continued to provide the displaced population with safe drinking water. NRC also conducts daily water tests, cleaning campaigns and daily hygiene awareness sessions focusing on solid waste management, safe storage water, good use of latrines, diseases and personal hygiene.

Further, NRC’s CCCM teams continued to collect information on the IDP families in Baghdad in order to better meet their needs. Technical interventions and distributions of fire extinguishers were also conducted last week.

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