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18 Sep 2016

Zhian Health Organization Provides Medical Services for Refugee and IDPs

  • Sunday, 18 September 2016

For the first time Zhian Health Organization (ZHO) arranged annual festival of extraordinary physicians, which is the first of its kind in the Kurdistan region of Iraq? This event aims to acknowledge the extraordinary work of some outstanding physicians, and their exceptional service to their profession and communities. Zhian Health Organization established in 2003, as the name suggests we work in health, primarily in promoting health awareness and providing social and medical services and support to the public.  Since our establishment we have undertake a number of unique and effective projects which have been successful in taking a number of existing health issues within our community.  

The latest projects of the ZHO which has provide medical service through the project annual festival extraordinary physicians have been selfless in their endeavors and have demonstrated passion for volunteering to help the public in such trying times. We hope these outstanding physicians will inspire physicians to undertake their profession with both professional and humanitarian principles, to serve their communities beyond their clinics and become positive role models as our outstanding physicians has done.

Following selection annual festival of extraordinary physician, recently ZHO opened a clinic by the name of extraordinary physician free services of treatment, laboratory and medicine to the Refugee, IDPs and low income people, through the mobile phone 07511495454, 07511495353, 075011495252 contacts available to get direction the  CMC Private Hospital, Kasnazan Road, Erbil / Iraq.  The festival mission is increasing access to quality healthcare for Refugee and IDP peoples.

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