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18 Oct 2016

ACTED – Weekly Activity Update 18th October

  • Tuesday, 18 October 2016

ACTED CCCM Mobile Teams Prepare for the Mosul Response

With the official launch of military operations against Mosul City having officially been launched yesterday, 17th October, waves of IDPs are expected in the next days. ACTED's Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Mobile Teams have been actively preparing over the past months by conducting over 130 collective site assessments  to build a comprehensive database of over 50 village profiles and collective centres  to prepare for this influx of IDPs. The Mobile Teams have been focusing on Ninewa governorate, Shikan and Akre, expected to become mass displacement corridors.

Finding locations for IDP camps

ACTED's site assessments have been instrumental in gathering real-time information about sites that may play an important part in housing future IDPs. Indeed, while the Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs (BRHA) and various government actors have identified formal sites for camps, it is very likely that current and future camps will not have the capacity to house expected levels of displacement. As a result, it is predicted that IDP settlements will spill over into informal sites with current collective sites likely being utilised to house large amounts of individuals. It is also likely that villages will accommodate IDPs whether in established collective sites, unfinished or abandoned buildings or vacant land either inside or around the periphery of the village.  

Facilitating an Imminent First-Line Response

These assessments will therefore facilitate ACTED's first-line response by making available complete information on village profiles in terms of demographics, GPS coordinates, number of building vacancies and Mukhtar contacts. The identification of new informal settlements will therefore enable the undertaking of much needed rigorous site maintenance and risk mitigation. These will be crucial in the next weeks.

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