18 Oct 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 18 October 2016

Mosul response

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is currently pre-positioning emergency supplies and shelter kits to try to assist more families displaced from Mosul’s surrounding areas and potential families managing to escape Mosul city itself.

NRC has responded to the needs of families fleeing Mosul’s surrounding areas since May, and has so far distributed emergency water, food and hygiene kits to over 8,000 families in Debaga camp, in addition to distributing over a thousand mattresses, cooking sets, blankets and jerry cans in Kirkuk.

Further, NRC has reached over 1,000 children with education and recreational activities.  NRC has also provided over 800 displaced individuals from the Mosul area with legal advice and support.  Finally, NRC has so far distributed cash to over 1,000 families fleeing Mosul’s surrounding areas.

NRC in Dohuk:

Last week marked the academic school year start in three camps in Shikan, Qadia and Bajed Kandela. NRC is supporting with registration and attendance in all camps. Classes in English, IT and employability skills were taught for the first time to displaced youth in Dohuk as part of NRC’s new program for youth.

NRC also conducted 6 group information sessions last week and did trainings on rights and procedures to over 117 individuals last week.

Further, NRC finalized 500 shelters in addition to upgrading 89 shelters in Domiz camp last week.  

NRC in Kirkuk:

NRC provided counseling and legal assistance on Registration and Civil Documentation (RCD) with the aim to ensure that internally displaced persons (IDPs) are provided with targeted legal advice to enable them to access their rights. In addition, NRC’s Housing, Land and Property (HLP) work will soon start a project in coordination with NRC’s Shelter team on HLP issues.

In Panja Ali, NRC conducted an assessment last week identifying 100 households for water, sanitation and hygiene and shelter upgrades. NRC also continued to collect baseline surveys on newly displaced families arriving in Kirkuk and distributed 500 standard NFI kits with mattresses, cooking sets, blankets and jerry cans. The upcoming week, NRC will focus on, in close coordination with shelter partners, providing rapid assistance to newly displaced families from mainly Daquq district who continue to arrive in Kirkuk.

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