08 Nov 2016

ACTED – Weekly Activity Update 8 November 2016

Since September, ACTED has been providing an average of 20-25L of life-saving water per day to 26,930 conflict-affected internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Bezabize  and Habbaniyah Tourist City (HTC) IDP Camps in Fallujah District, Anbar governorate.

In collaboration with the United Iraqi Medical Society (UIMS), ACTED has already provided 21,609 m3 of safe water for drinking, personal hygiene and cooking purposes. ACTED is also distributing household storage materials including 1,500 jerry cans for drinking water, 1,500 jerry cans to collect water for personal hygiene and cooking purposes and 1,500 basins to supplement general household use. Furthermore, 450 tanks enable the collection and storage of water at the community level for up to 15 days.

ACTED ceased its water-trucking activities on 31st October in Bezabize IDP Camps but will continue operating in HTC IDP Camps until 11th November. After this date, ACTED will hand-over its activities to the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

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