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08 Nov 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 8 November 2016

Education and RRM support to newly-displaced families in Debaga and Hassansham

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) continues to respond to people displaced from the Mosul corridor and from areas closer to the city itself. During the past week, NRC has expanded to respond to the people arriving in Hassansham where our the education team set up six tents in the UNHCR camp in Hassansham and three tents in Khazer camp (MoMD) to provide emergency education to newly displaced children.

NRC’s school support center in Debaga camp received visits from BBC Arabic and BBC English, and the team was featured on Al Jazeera English, Reuters, BBC, and multiple other news outlets, to highlight the need for increased support for education in Iraq. Many children in Iraq have missed more than two years of school and have gone through difficult experiences. NRC has rolled out its Better Learning Programme, which aims to provide children with a safe environment to learn in and with the tools to be able to continue their education. In addition, student education kits were distributed to 3,914 students in Dibaga, Mamzawa and Khabat.

NRC continues to provide immediate assistance to newly-displaced families through the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM). NRC’s team distributed 382 kits for 294 households who recently arrived to Debaga Camp from Qayyara, Hawija, Qaraj, Bijil, and Mosul, and the RRM team also distributed 2,771 kits for 2,523 households who arrived to Hassan Sham camps last week from Gogjali and Bazwaya.

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