15 Nov 2016

Heartland Alliance - Activity Update 15 November 2016

On October 11, 2016, as a part the Expanding Access to Justice for Prisoners and Detainees Project, Heartland Alliance International (HAI) held a legal workshop on Analyzing and Proposing Amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Law (Law #3, 2006) in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The workshop provided space for relevant governmental and government affiliated institutions to address and analyze gaps in the recently expired KRG anti-terrorism law, and discuss suggested assessments and proposed drafts. Overall, this event focused on proposing an amended draft law in compliance with international human rights standards for treatment of detainees.


Workshop attendees included members of Shura Council, Higher Judicial Council of Iraq and KRI, KRG Ministry of Interior, Kurdistan Bar Association, Human Rights and Legal Committee of Parliament, Independent Human Rights Commission, judges, public prosecutors, lawyers, minority parties’ representatives, political officers and legal advisors from the US Consulate and Canadian Embassy in Erbil, members of KRI legal NGOs and members of the media.

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