20 Nov 2016

Al Mesalla Opens Spaces for Women in Khazer and Hassan Sham Camp

After the beginning of the liberation of the Nineveh province, Al Mesalla ORG for Human Resource Development, was the first of local organization had plan and prepared to start providing services in the both camps as we have believed from the beginning after participating in many cluster meeting and UN meeting that there will be a big number of IDPs coming to the both camp.

Al Mesalla ORG. within the project with our donor UNFPA planned and prepared for emergency teams for this purpose, we had two fix teams and two mobile teams, each team consist of 1 social worker and 1 case manager and 3 volunteers, also prepared location to receive IDPs in the both camps, also the teams working every days include weekend and also stay over time if needed.

The activities in the camp include:

1-    Registration of the new arrival IDPs to the both camps.
2-    Distribution of women winter cloths among 1900 IDPs women.
3-    Start working with women who faced trauma
4-    Plan activities with adolescent girls
5-    Peer education is another activity
6-    Starting awareness sessions with women in the camp

Also Al Mesalla ORG. has plan besides supporting distribution of food, hygiene kits and cloth, also the women spaces prepare to start recreational activities for women and girls in both camps.

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