20 Nov 2016

Al Mesalla - Zummar & Sinune Peace Committees Activities

Anticipating ‘The Day After’ for Mosul Province Program

The “Day After” program is developed by PAX and partners and aims to realize representative and legitimate governance, sound security provisions and increased social cohesion, ultimately leading toan inclusive post-ISIS reconstruction of Mosul province. The program is managed from PAX and partner offices in Utrecht (the Netherlands), Amman (Jordan), Erbil and Bagdad (Iraq).

Zummar PCs activities:

A-    Promoting the role of women in peace building (12th Nov to 17 Nov, 2016).
B-    B– Promoting dialogue between citizens and the local government (12th Nov to 17th 2016)
Sinune PCs activities:
Promoting peace by promoting the art of communication among women

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