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21 Nov 2016

UIMS Distributes 1000 Kerosene Heaters to Returnees, IDPs, & Families in Anbar

The United Iraqi Medical Society For Relief & Development – UIMS funded by Kuwait Society For Relief, through (Kuwait By Your Side) campaign started to distribute Kerosene heaters to the returnees, IDPs, & Needy families in Anbar province, out of 18.000 kerosene heaters will be distributed in many provinces in Iraq.

UIMS staff, as a first step, distributed 1000 kerosene heaters to the returnees, IDPs, & needy families in Anbar out of 5000 heaters, another 4000 heaters will be distributed later on this week in different areas of the province.

The distribution began on Monday November 14th 2016 in Fallujah & some areas in the city of Ramadi, then has been resumed the next day in other areas of the city of Ramadi, followed by distribution all over the city of Heet. It is worth to mention that those heaters have a high quality as they contain fire protection system.

This campaign covered many different places of Anbar province at a rate of 300 heaters in Heet, 400 heaters in Ramadi, & 300 heaters in Fallujah. The distribution will be accomplished in the coming weeks in other places & cities of Iraq.

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