22 Nov 2016

IRW - Food and NFIs Support to Newly-Displaced Families

Over the last week Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) implemented the following activities:

Food and NFIs support to newly-displaced families

Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) continues to respond to people displaced from Mosul corridor and from areas closer to the city itself. During the last week, IRW’s team distributed 1640 food parcels to 1640 households who arrived to Debaga Camp from Qayyara, Hawija, Qaraj, Bijil, and Mosul. The distribution team also distributed 1000 food & NFIs to 1000 households who recently arrived to HassanSham camp last week from Gogjali, Hay Alzahraa and Sadam.

IRW also distributed 620 food parcels in 3rd sector, Ramadi and Al Higrah sector in Anbar. Further, 2300 food parcels with hygiene kits distributed in Anbar region to IDPs and to returned families.

Food voucher program response for Syrian refugees

With the support of WFP, IRW continued working on food voucher project to support Syrian refugees in Domiz camp. Last week, the distribution targeted a total of 5937 families, 28738 individuals in Domiz1 and Domiz2.

Protection with food and health for non-Syrian refugees

IRW with support of UNHCR, handed EVI cash assistance to 12 non-Syrian refugees who were living in Basra. Moreover, In Bagdad 4 successful surgical operations have been done for non-Syrian refugee patients.

According to Orphan department, 30 new sponsored orphans have been added to the system.

GBV support to IDPs in Kirkuk

IRW with support of UNFPA, in Laylan, Nazrawa and Daquq camps provided Psycho-Social support to women and awareness sessions on GBV to females and also Peer education course were conducted for adolescent. 

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