22 Nov 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 22 November 2016

NRC activity updates



Providing newly displaced families with emergency aid 

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), distributed 285 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kits for 232 families who recently arrived to Dibaga camp from Qayara, Hawija, Qaraj, Bijil, and Mosul. NRC, also provided 65 kits for 55 families who arrived to Makhmour Youth Centre past weeks from Hawija, Qaraj, Bijil, and Mosul. In Hasan Sham camp, NRC delivered 1861 kits for 1508 families who arrived to the camp recently from Gogjali, Bazwaya, and Hay Alintisar.

Furthermore, the NRC'S education team registered over 1400 children at NRC's school support centers in both Khazer and Hassan sham camps. The trained staff are currently providing psychosocial support and preparing the children to start catch-up classes. Additionally, over 7,500 children in Erbil Governorate received students' kits with learning materials from NRC's education team to help them in the new academic year.

In addition, last week a total of 886 families in different areas in Erbil received cash assistance of 430,000IQD each from NRC's CASH team.

Also, during last week NRC distributed 149 RRM Kits for 11 families who last week arrived to Dibaga camp from Qayyarah, Hawija, Qaraj, Bijil, and Mosul. In Hasan Sham camp NRC distributed 2645 RRM Kits for 2387 families Zahraa, Qadisiya, Zihur, Bakir, Intisar, and Samah

Winterization activities in Dohuk 

As winter is getting close, NRC is currently doing field assessment in in Zakho and Derabon to assess the needs for sealing off kits. Last week, a total number of 950 households were visited in these areas. NRC continues to work on technical and social supervision of shelter rehabilitation is Sumel-Khanke.

NRC distributed winter boots for internally displaced children in Shekhan camps in Dohuk last week. NRC has started several sports activities in Akara, Gwailan, Domize, Sumel, Deralook, Zakho, and on Tuseday and Wednesday a few football games between camp schools took a place in War city school of Dohuk. Moreover, a football game was organized between Hiwa mid school (Non-camp school) and Zhiyan mid school (camp school) and the game took a place in Sardem centre in Domiz refugee camp.

Furthermore, the NRC’s Information, counselling and legal assistance (ICLA) team in Dohuk visited Domiz court, the Civil ID office in Khanke, and PDS office in Duhok, to following up on legal cases and update the staff information about procedures in these offices. In addition, the team closed the 5th PR which means the legal team provided (1,800,000 IQD) to following up the beneficiary’s cases and entered all legal cases and update the database this week.  NRC received 12 cases this week where 2 came from group information sessions and 8 cases from community leaders. NRC’s legal officers also provided general advices, guidance, legal assistance and financial support to beneficiaries throughout last week.


ز assistance of 430,000IQD each red m in Erbil

Kirkuk activities  

Recently, the NRC’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) team in Kirkuk completed the post distribution monitoring for a shelter Non-Food Item (NFI) distribution, and the forms have been shared with NRC’s monitoring and evaluation department. NRC’s, WASH and Shelter teams are running an integrated assessment in Panja Ali and Failaq quarters for WASH and Shelter upgrades and distribution of sealing off kits (SOK) in the mentioned areas.

Furthermore, the NRC’s Shelter team has started a baseline survey for newly displaced families(IDPs) who arrived in Kirkuk last week. The team is planning to cover 3000 families in different areas in Kirkuk with shelter assistance. 

Also, since last week, NRC’s WASH team in Kirkuk is going on with its detail assessment in different neighborhoods inside city. Also, the WASH and Shelter teams conducted a data assessment in Al-Qadisah quarter. Afterwards the data will be analyzed for the WASH and Shelter upgrades. NRC’s Gender based violence (GBV) team in Kirkuk is expanding, 3 new staff joined the GBV team in Kirkuk as GBV assistants in addition to incentive workers have been hired in Laylan and Nazrawa camps. NRC also conducted 2 introduction sessions in Laylan camp and the other took a place in the Save the Children Child Friendly Space in Yahyawa Camp.

NRC’s (ICLA) team in Kirkuk have been working on Registering Civil Document (RCD), and received referred cases for Housing, Land and Property (HLP) issues. IDPs and host community have been contacted in order to carry on rental agreements and housing contracts. The primary purpose is either to reduce the rent or to get an agreement where the IDPs can stay in the house without paying any rent.

NRC continued to collect Data inside Kirkuk city form newly arrived IDPs from Hawiga district and surrounding villages. Non Food Items (NFI) kits are planning to be distributed in Laylan camp next week. Meanwhile, the Shelter team in Kirkuk is also working for tendering a new project for upgrading unfinished buildings for 200 families in Panja Ali.

NRC conducted a monitoring site visit to Al-Qadisiah neighborhood inside Kirkuk city with Shelter, Wash and ICLA teams in order to follow up on baseline survey for two different projects and for the baseline survey 5 HHS (IDPs) were interviewed who arrived in Kirkuk recently. In addition, the M&E assistant alongside other teams from NRC conducted a site visit to IDPs inside Kirkuk to explain the mechanism of complaints response and feedback mechanism.

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