22 Nov 2016

ACTED – Weekly Activity Update 22 November 2016

In mid-November, ACTED conducted two rapid Risk Assessment Site Prioritisation (RASP)s in Baybukht village primary school and secondary school, where IDPs fleeing conflict in and around Mosul have sought temporary shelter. The assessments revealed insufficient sanitation and hygiene facilities with up to 90 families sharing 2 toilets and 1 shower. The assessments also revealed electricity shortages, raising protection concerns for women and girls at night and a lack of family privacy in rooms due to congestion on site. Other shortages included water, food and hygiene items.

Within the following days, ACTED conducted a full RRM distribution for 389 families (2,371 individuals). In collaboration with UNICEF, ACTED installed 3 latrines which were connected to the existing sceptic tank and also installed 2 showers to meet the sanitation and hygiene needs of the displaced families.

Finally, ACTED conducted a site maintenance assessment in view of undertaking maintenance activities in both schools. This week, ACTED will provide solar lights and will install partitioning sections in rooms to ensure each family’s privacy. ACTED will also organise a day of site cleaning through a Cash for Work programme in order to ensure that adequate hygiene standards are maintained in order to reduce the risk of spreadable disease.

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