29 Nov 2016

ACTED – Weekly Activity Update 29 November 2016

ACTED Communication with Communities:

Empowering Syrian refugees through the provision of information

Awareness-raising on DAFI/HOPES university scholarships for Syrian refugees

ACTED’s Communication with Communities teams in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah have been raising awareness on DAFI and HOPES, two programmes allocating grants for Syrian refugees wishing to pursue their university education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In Erbil Governorate, a total of 1,857 Syrian refugees were reached through 43 awareness-raising sessions in four refugee camps: Basirma, Darashakran, Kawergosk, Qushtapa as well urban areas of Erbil and Shaqlawa.

ACTED also trained partners on the DAFI and HOPES scholarships programmes and on how to conduct awareness-raising sessions on these programmes for Syrian refugees. In the four refugee camps, ACTED trained Intersos and Al Masalla while in urban areas, Intersos, Qandil and UNHCR counsellors were trained. 

Awareness-raising on child marriage

ACTED’s Communication with Communities Team has recently launched an awareness-raising campaign for Syrian refugees on child marriage in Turaq, Shawes, Mamzawa, Kaznazan and Setaqan areas of Erbil City.

In 2014, 20.53% of girls were estimated to have been married before the age of 18 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. ACTED’s awareness-raising sessions on child marriage aim to achieve behavioural change at the community level through the provision of legal advice and emphasis on service provision from partner NGOs such as DVAW and DoLSA. ACTED facilitates the sessions with legal, health, religious and education experts from the communities in order to raise awareness on the multi-faceted consequences of child marriage. Sessions include people of mixed ages, including youths aged 14-18 years, parents and other community members. Refugees are reached through focal points within the community who are in close contact with community leaders.

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